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The Best Books to Read to Your Kids About Moving

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Parents and caregivers, this one’s for you!

If you plan to move in 2023, you’ll want to prepare your kids.

Moving can be tough on little ones, so it’s important to talk to them early and often about what’s coming up.

Books can be a great way to help your child process their feelings! Here are a few reads to share with your little ones before the big day:


•”I’m Moving! New House, Same Underwear,” (A Pig in Jeans book) by Brenda Li

•”The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day,” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

•”Nothing Stays the Same, But That’s Okay,” by Sara Olsher

•”Goodbye, Old House,” by Margaret Wild

•“My Very Exciting, Sorta Scary, Big Move,” by Lori Attanasio Woodring, Ph.D.

•”Home is A Window,” by Stephanie Ledyard and Chris Sasaki

•”We’re Moving!” by Adam and Charlotte Guillain

•“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Moving to the Neighborhood”

•“I Heard That You’re Moving!” by Nicole M. Gray

• “Big Ernie’s New Home: A Story for Children Who Are Moving,” by Teresa and Whitney Martin


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Have you ever read any of these books to your kids? Do you have any more recommendations? Let us know below!


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