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Interior Design Trends We're Seeing Everywhere in 2023

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We’ve now solidly made our way into 2023 and design trends have started to change a little from the year before. Though 2022 was all about soothing color palettes; soft, all-encompassing furniture; and a general sense of swaddling and serenity. 2023 seems to be ushering in an era of bright, statement making individualism. Here are the interior design trends for 2023 that designers believe are starting to take hold. 

Interior Design Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere in 2023

Mixed Era

Mixing pieces from the past and present is a trend that’s been flagged recently and has gotten even bigger in 2023. Consumers are no longer interested in coordinated spaces and matching furniture sets. They prefer to simply incorporate unique pieces, heirlooms or thrifted finds that they love into their spaces. “A home that incorporates pieces from the past makes for a well-designed and thoughtful space,” explained Tracee Murphy of Trade Mark Interiors in Sarasota, Florida. So take an opportunity to hit those vintage stores, or make use of passed-down items from loved ones. How fun is it to think about passing on our special pieces to the next generation?

A Burst of Color

What’s more symbolic of a zest for life than a vibrant color palette? White and neutral interiors are falling out of favor for more vibrant hues, even if they just appear in accents.

Sustainable, Master Craftsmanship Furnishings 

Now more than ever, it’s time to prioritize going green at home. Specifically, this trend entails sourcing items that are zero-waste, artisan-produced, or up-cycled. That cookie cutter, mass produced design style might be falling away and seems to have been replaced with a desire for more natural carpentry based furnishings. To start small, try shopping locally instead of at big-box stores, and consider how you can repurpose existing furnishings to feel new. Being able to tell the story of a piece of furniture is a great conversation to have with your friends and family when entertaining.

Bold Kitchens 

Gone are the days of bland kitchens. As we head into 2023, we’re entering a new era of bold kitchen design. White and neutral kitchen cabinets may begin to be phased out and replaced by black, green, and wood. 

However there’s no need to panic if your kitchen is a little on the plain side. Especially since changing out cabinetry and countertops is no easy task! Designers suggest accessorizing your kitchen with punches of bold color in books, pottery and even art. 

Entertaining Focused Design

It’s time to make up for those lost years when we weren’t able to gather with family and friends. This attitude will definitely make its way into how we design our homes. Gatherings may be the focus of design throughout this year. Where individuals are striving to emphasize rest and wellness as a priority. That means slowing down and enjoying the relationships in our lives all while using materials that are easily washable to make life easy for everyone in the home. Why worry about red wine spills when you can simply sit back and enjoy a wine and cheese night with your besties?

What do you think of these 2023 design trends? Have you or do you plan on incorporating any of them into your home?


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